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Why so little debt?

One question that never gets asked, but I feel some people wonder is: “Zach, why don’t you want to get into a bunch of college debt?  Everyone else is doing it.” As I have said before, I was planning on … Continue reading

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Dean’s List

Tuesday I received some awesome news from Columbus State. If you follow me on Twitter Or are a fan on Facebook Then you know what I am talking about. I made the Deans List!! According to Columbus State’s website, the … Continue reading

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Help Haiti

I have been involved with Compassion International for over two years and I can speak first hand on the wonderful work that Compassion does.  With the recent earthquake in Haiti, Compassion is a great choice to donate your money to.  … Continue reading

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Watch List

Over on Problogger, one of my favorite sites to visit, Darren asked us all to compile a list of the blogger’s to watch in our niche.  Starting out in the personal finance/college finance niche, I have found some very interesting … Continue reading

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Student Loans

So is college worth it? When you consider that you will be in the making about $19,000 a year more than high school diplomas, I firmly believe that you should get a college degree.  That $19,000 a year easily pays … Continue reading

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My Story

My goal is to make it through college for less than $10,000 dollars. Can I do it? Continue reading

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