Graduation Giveaway

Here at College for 10k, I try to offer advice on how to survive college without breaking the bank.  I hope that you have seen an increase in the usefulness in the blog posts as they pertain to both my future as well as yours.  I’ve began to partner with financial companies and blogs to provide you graduates with all of the information that you need to live life without debt (or with as little as possible).

So how does this giveaway work, the entire rules are listed (Graduation Giveaway Rules), but here’s the gist.  For each action that you do, you receive an entry (or two, or five, or ten).  The more activities that you do, the greater your chance is to win.  On Saturday, May 15th the winners will be announced.  The top two people with the most entries will each get $50 from College for 10k!  How’s that for a deal 🙂


Here’s what you’re waiting for.  The full list of prizes that can be won here at College for 10k.  If you’d like to sponsor a prize, be sure to contact me.


2 $50 winners from College for 10k

These prizes go out to the two people that have the most entries in the      contest at the end.  All other prizes will be given away randomly.

Twitter: @zachyounkin

$25 from MoneyCrashers.

People, young and old, will no longer be targets of financial predators. They will take control of their money and their future by demonstrating common sense and self-control. Money Crashers is here to help you in your journey to becoming financially independent, sound, and secure. For those looking for some tax advice, check out their Online Tax Filing Reviews

Twitter: @MoneyCrashers

$25 Cash from The Frugal Lawyer

The Frugal Lawyer is the story of a journey to the land of financial responsibility. With $150,000 in unsecured debt, Danielle has a long way to go before she is debt-free; however, she posts about every aspect of her journey, including her massive screw-ups, with an added dash of snark. A humorous take on the ease of getting into debt and the struggle to be free.
Twitter: @thefrugallawyer


One person will win the Dave Ramsey Graduation Gift Bundle .

They just haven’t been taught how to handle money and they are perfect targets for debt peddlers selling them on how to have the newest, biggest, fastest, baddest, most expensive stuff on the block … at 18% interest.

Empower them to beat debt and win with money! Dave’s Graduation Special comes with all of the tools necessary for your young adult to understand money and put it to work for them!  A $92 value! Prize courtesy of College for 10k

3 Autographed Copies of Shoo, Jimmy Choo by Catey Hill

Remember when Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw faced the brutal realization that she couldn’t buy her apartment because she’d already spent her money on a closet full of Manolos? Well, if Carrie had met Catey first, she’d own her co-op and be on her way to a comfortable retirement!

Catey Hill is the online money expert for the Daily News Web site—and author of this humorous, practical “girlfriends guide” to personal finance for 20- and 30-something females. (The ones with the designer shoes…and maxed-out credit cards.) With a hip, “I’ve been there” voice along with worksheets and exercises, she helps women evaluate why they spend, get out of debt, and create a savings and retirement plan that even allows for the occasional splurge. Among the topics she covers: student loans, car payments, investing, saving for a home, and more.  $14.95 value each!

Twitter: @cateyhill


Resolve to  Get Out of Debt This Year with DebtGoalFive lifetime subscriptions to DebtGoal.

DebtGoal, a startup described as the “Weight Watchers for Debt,” is the leader in the emerging Debt Acceleration market, pproviding do-it-yourself tools that empower borrowers to pay off debt as quickly as possible. The average DebtGoal user can save $35,000 in interest and get debt-free 16 years earlier.  Yearly value, $143.40 per subscription!

Twitter: @debtgoal

Pay Off DebtPay Off Debt App
Each App is a debt snowball application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android. The aim is to help you use a debt snowball to focus your debt reduction efforts. Each app cost $2.99.  Sponsored by PayOffDebt

Gift cards

$50 American Express gift card courtesy of Credit Card Chaser.

Credit Card Chaser is a credit card comparison websitewith a unique credit card finder and tools for finding the very best credit card. 

Twitter: CC_Chaser

How the contest works

As you can see, the list is quite impressive.  Over $1050 in prizes already!!  You don’t have to buy anything to enter this contest. You don’t even need to be a student! All you need to do is do a few actions to get some entries.

The contest runs from March 24 to May 15, 2010 and the winners of all of the individual prizes will be selected by a random draw on May 16, 2010. There will be many winners in total. Additionally, the top 2 participants with the most entries at the end will get $50 each (from College for 10k).

All you need to do to become eligible is to perform certain actions.  In doing so, you will gain an entry.  The more entries you have, the better chance you have to win.  You do not need to email us or comment on this post to let me know what you have done.

Here’s how to win some prizes:

1. Sign-Up for College for 10k Contest Mailing list (REQUIRED for 20 entries)

Sign-up below.  Don’t worry, I won’t spam you at all.  You have my word on that.  I’ll be making contest announcements through this (additional ways to gain entries, encouragement, etc) so you don’t want to miss this!


2. Sign up for my RSS feed via email (15 entries)

Enter your email address:

Delivered by FeedBurner

I’ll be posting some codes in the bottom of random posts that you can @reply me to get some more entries.  Who know’s what else you’ll get?

3. Random Entries

You can can entries by doing any (or all) of the actions below:

  • Follow @zachyounkin on twitter (10 entries)
  • Comment on any post (Two comments per day.  Make sure your email is valid.  2 entries per comment per day)
  • Mention the contest on your blog (15 entries)
  • Tweet the following message: Win $1050 in cash and prizes from college debt blog #collegefor10k in the Graduation Giveaway @zachyounkin (only post once a day for 25 entries)
  • Retweet any of College for 10k’s post by using the Retweet button on the side of each page (2 entries per retweet)
  • Follow each of the sponsors for an extra 10 entries into that sponsor’s prize
  • Become a fan of College for 10k on Facebook (10 entries)

4. Random Draw

The prizes will be drawn randomly on Sunday, May 16, 2010 with the winners announced on Tuesday, May 18th.

So there you go.  Check back often as the prizes will be increasing as the contest goes on and I hope to add additional ways to earn entries as well.  Good luck graduates!!


About Zach Younkin

I'm currently enrolled at Western Governors University, pursuing my degree in Accounting. I'm hoping that this blog provides you with some encouragement to be what God has promised you. This blog collects dust, which is unfortunate. Keep your eyes open for some sporadic blog posts. I spend more time on Twitter, so go follow me there. @zachyounkin
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