How I Save Money on Movies

Since my sophomore year in high school, I have had a real interest in seeing as many movies as I can.  I have had goals to see the AFI Top 100 movies of all time and the IMDb Top 250.  To first get started in my movie watching, I got my movies from our local library, but as of May 18th, 2009, I’ve been a faithful Netflix user.

How does Netflix work?

Netflix is the worlds largest DVD subscription service that streams movies and TV shows right to your computer via the internet and sending you DVD’s through the mail.  Starting at only $8.99 a month, you can receive unlimited number of DVD’s delivered right to your door.  No need to run to Blockbuster, or even the Redbox.  Just walk outside to your mailbox and the DVD is right there.  If you have the equipment (including PS3, xbox360, some blu-ray players, Roku, etc), you can even get movies and tv shows delivered right to your TV.

How much does it cost?

Here are the four most common plans that Netflix has:

(Click to make larger)

As you can see, I am currently on the 2 DVD’s out at a time, with Blu-ray access for $16.99 (plus $1.15 tax).  While this may seem like a decent amount of money per month, consider this:

I rented 15 movies last month, for only $18.14.  If I went to the Redbox, it would have been cheaper, but I would not have been gaurenteed to receive the movies that I rented (something tells me that they wouldn’t have The Damned United) and the movies would not have been Blu-ray.  Blockbuster would have been around $60, assuming that they had all of the movies I wanted and I just got them in standard definition.

How soon do you get DVDs?

Living here in Central Ohio, I am quite lucky.  Grove City, Ohio is the nearest shipment facility, so I have a one day wait in between getting and receiving DVDs.  Netflix has over 100 shipping facilities across the US, so that 97% of their customers should have the same turn around as I do (One day).

Do you recommend Netflix?

Absolutely.  Netflix is a great way to catch up on your favorite tv shows (Lost, Leverage, Rescue Me, The Office) and watch new release movies all for a low price.

  • You can easily save hundreds of dollars each year by switching to Netflix over renting DVDs from brick and mortar stores.
  • I have yet to come across a movie that Netflix did not carry.
  • 97% of you will receive your DVDs in one day.
  • It’s free to try!

Yakezie Member’s Thoughts

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Do you use Netflix?

Let me know in the comments


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12 Responses to How I Save Money on Movies

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  2. Jeff says:

    I'm currently not a Netflix subscriber. Maybe someday but not for now. My kids are still little and we watch a ton of cartoons and kids shows which leave little time to watch movies. I love the streaming idea though, maybe next year

    • zachyounkin says:

      It's really a good idea to have. I'm sure as their subscription base grows, that more networks and movie companies will be willing to offer their programs via the streaming capabilities.

  3. Craig/FFB says:

    I think I just heard you can stream over the Wii now. Been trying to use that as an excuse to get a Wii, haha.

    We love our Netflix subscription. We use it to catch up on cable shows we don't have the time (or money sometimes) to watch. And its so much easier to watch a whole season commercial free.

    • zachyounkin says:

      Yes, you can now stream via the Wii. It works well, it's just a much different user-interface than what the PS3 or xbox360 have. It's got to be one of the best investments that I've made.

  4. Jesse says:

    I was once a Netflix subscriber and was with them during a move. My previous residence was in Cali, and I got my flix in about two days but after the move which was to a more remote part of Utah, it would take upwards of a week to get them so we decided to cancel.

    I thought the system was really great, and that was before the insta-stream movies were available, so it may be something I sign back up for in the future. The price was pretty good too.
    My recent post Linkworthy: Balance, Bills and Movie Futures

    • zachyounkin says:

      I'd give it a try now and see if you happen to get better delivery times. If I remember correctly, my shipping facility opened fall of 2009, so you may have better luck. And the streaming is absolutely incredible. I think the streaming itself makes it worthwhile by itself!

  5. Guy G. says:

    Hey I'd love to do try streaming, but for now as one of the tips on budgeting I teach others about living frugally while you eliminate debt, I have Rogers Ultra lite. It's the slowest internet available short of dial-up (I'm not that frugal).
    Anyway, I'd never heard of Netflix before, so thanks for sharing. I'll check it out and see if the service is available in Canada.

    My recent post Tips on Budgeting– A dollar saved is 2 dollars earned

    • zachyounkin says:

      Netflix is a great service. Even if you can't use the streaming, it's worth considering for all of the money you can save by renting movies. Thanks for stopping by!

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  7. I have never used Netflix but have considered it. When I have time for movies, I will typically just rent from Redbox (just a $1). The streaming option does sound mighty conveinent.
    My recent post Through the Looking Glass

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