College for 10k 2.0

The old blog...

After playing around with some different aspects of my blog, and looking at the stats of my blog, I decided to make some changes as far as the website is concerned.

First, the improvements:

  • If you are visiting the site, you’ll notice a new, tabular style lay-out for College for 10k.  If you get this as a feed, be sure to check out the website!
  • As a part of the new tabular layout, there are some new features:
  1. You can now register with the site and will be able to have your own profile.  You will be able to make connections with other members of the site.  You will be able to join groups.  You will be able to create groups.  Basically, that side of the website will become a lot like Facebook.  My goal is to allow that to grow into a discussion board of sorts, with comments on other blogger’s posts, coupons and deals around the web, and just general chit-chat.  Plus, if you register on the site, using the email address you signed-up for the graduation giveaway, I’ll give you 100 bonus entries.
  2. Bloggers, you will be able to add links to your posts as you would like and request any type of social networking action that you would like.  I’m doing this especially for my Yakezie members 🙂
  • There are no longer any Google or Amazon banners on my site.  I will insert products only if they are relevant to the discussion.

Here is what the next few weeks looks like here at College for 10k:

  • Friday, April 30, I will write my one month (and a few days) thoughts on the Yakezie challenge thus far.
  • Saturday, May 1, I will let you all know about a change of plans on my part as far as my college choices go.
  • Next Wednesday, May, 5, I’ll get back on track posting on my How I save series, by discussing how I Save on Video Games.
  • Friday, May 7, will be yet another Yakezie post, hopefully breaking the 200,000 mark 🙂
  • Saturday, May 8, will be one final push for the graduation contest.
  • Wednesday, May 12, I will be running a guest post on How I save money on music (and you can too!)
  • Friday, May 14 is the last day to enter the graduation giveaway and will also be another Yakezie round-up.
  • Saturday, May 15, will be the day that the winners are announced!

I’m open to running any guest posts that you may have.  Just email me at zachyounkin @ gmail [dot] com and let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!


About Zach Younkin

I'm currently enrolled at Western Governors University, pursuing my degree in Accounting. I'm hoping that this blog provides you with some encouragement to be what God has promised you. This blog collects dust, which is unfortunate. Keep your eyes open for some sporadic blog posts. I spend more time on Twitter, so go follow me there. @zachyounkin
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4 Responses to College for 10k 2.0

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  2. Car Coach says:

    Zach, just saw your message and gave ya stumble. As for feedback, I like the new look. The layout is very clean and draws attention to your posts. You may want to make use of the white space in the right column…..perhaps a blogroll or your popular posts. Also, under your post consider using just one of the Share/Save icons since they both show the same social networks. Other than that, looks great! -Geoff
    My recent post 10 expensive car negotiating mistakes

  3. Daniel says:

    I think the new format is great! I love all the Yakezie posts coming up!

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