Genesis 22:14 has become one of my favorite passages.  It reads:

14and Abraham calleth the name of that place `Jehovah-Jireh,’ because it is said this day in the mount, `Jehovah doth provide.’ (Genesis 22:14, Young’s Literal Translation)

The Lord calls Abraham and tells him to offer his son, Issac as a burnt offering.  As they were climbing the mountain, I’m sure that Abraham discussed the fact that they were going to the mountain to offer a burnt offering to the Lord.  In verse 8, Issac says: “My father!” And he said, “Here am I, my son.” He said, “Behold, the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?” (ESV).  Abraham responds that the Lord will provide a lamb for the offering.

Take a look at the faith here that Abraham has.  Even when his son asks where the lamb is, knowing that the Lord told him to offer his son as the sacrifice, Abraham tells his son that the Lord will provide a lamb.  I think this shows two sides of Abraham.  First off, he doesn’t want to believe that the Lord would have him offer his son and secondly, as a part of that first side, Abraham has the faith that God will provide a lamb so that he doesn’t have to give up his only son.

Abraham and Issac reach the top of the mountain, Abraham builds the altar and places Issac on the altar.  Right before he kills his son, an angel of the Lord calls out to Abraham and brings a ram to Abraham’s attention.  Realizing that the Lord saved his son,

14Abraham calleth the name of that place `Jehovah-Jireh,’ because it is said this day in the mount, `Jehovah doth provide.’ (Genesis 22:14, Young’s Literal Translation)

How does this apply to me?

Consider this:

As many of you know, I was all lined up to head to school in Indiana, but the day before I was to leave, we received our second loan rejection letter.  Much like I’m sure Abraham was feeling, I was confused by this turn in events.  Although I wasn’t asked to give up my son, I was asked to give up what I thought I was good for me.  I went from having the next four years of my life planned (and more, given I had a plan to pay off my student loans), to not knowing where I was heading for school.

Little did I know, but Jehovah-jireh and now I am happily enrolled at Columbus State Community College and will be enrolling in Ohio State in the fall of 2011.

So what about you?

Are you currently in a situation where you feel helpless?

Are you without a job?

Do you need God to provide?



About Zach Younkin

I'm currently enrolled at Western Governors University, pursuing my degree in Accounting. I'm hoping that this blog provides you with some encouragement to be what God has promised you. This blog collects dust, which is unfortunate. Keep your eyes open for some sporadic blog posts. I spend more time on Twitter, so go follow me there. @zachyounkin
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3 Responses to Jehovah-jireh

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  2. davida says:

    Hello Zach.
    Yes He does supply and nothing will get in the way of the plans He has for us.
    I knew God wanted me to go to Bible College so I enrolled and was accepted. I did not have enough money to sustain myself for the next few years nor pay my fees. I gave my employer 3 months notice leaving at the end of December (Southern Hemisphere academic year starts around February). However, three weeks later we were informed that where I worked was closing mid Januaray and we would be made redundant. Our redundancy agreement meant we would all get quite a bit of money, including me, so everyone said. But I was leaving before the close date of my own volition so I said I could not accept that money. A Christian friend’s comment was “I wonder how he will get you that reduancy moneymoney?”
    Two months later the company brought forward the closing date by two weeks, so I was officially made redundant before I planned to leave, got the money and went to college. And so it went on, I never ran out of funds for those 3 years and then went straight overseas on a short term mission all without any money to my name until I needed it. Praise his name!

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