Siku ya kupumzika.

today we are resting. we have a lot planned for the weekend with our travels and with all the different people we are meeting along the way, so before we take off for malindi, we are rejuvinating. so far, it has been a nice day. we have done some of the more touristy kind of activities: taking a tour on the outside of fort jesus, walking around by the beach in old town mombasa, seeing some of the old buildings that were built by foreigners (usually europeans) long ago, shopping in some of the street side shops, sitting in an open area a bit off the road under the shady trees as we eat fresh (FRESH!) fruit (i have never had pineapple so good…and so cheap!) and drink coffee from a boy who was selling it on the street. unfortunately, mwalimu informed us that he was probably a child who doesn’t even know his parents; working on the street because someone gave him a job. we ate at a nicer restaurant and i ate very american today: a cheeseburger and fries. i don’t think my body was handling some of the african spices too well. it’s so strange! after not having exercised for so long, i never thought i’d have the runs like this! 😉 and now, our leaders are taking a nap. how refreshing. 🙂

we have changed our schedule a little bit. we are going to come back to mombasa on sunday, not saturday, and we will be in malindi until we leave for moshi next week (starting tomorrow) because it doesn’t make sense to stay for such a short time and then head off to lamu. mwalimu has family in malindi as well, and it will be very nice to spend time with them, i’m sure, as he has not seen them in such a long time. in other news, we met a new friend! there is a girl who lives in nairobi (originally from sri lanka) that is spending the weekend in mombasa, and she is moving into the house with us. we’ll be packing up and leaving tomorrow, so i don’t think we’ll see her too much, but it’s neat to meet people from countries all over the world. i even met some guys the other night that told me they were from london. i don’t know if they were messin with me or not, but if nothing else, i met some english imposters.

and as for dancing with the yale students last night….it was great! we went way out of mombasa to a club, only to find that the dance floor was closed (it was a wednesday night after all). so we turned back and headed to a club right off the main road in town and had a really fun time while we were there. there were two floors, the top floor had a traditional african band there (a keyboard, a bunch of african drums, some other percussion, and a singer) and the bottom floor was more of your typical modern club with a dj and the like. we spent the first part of our time there up on the top floor, and i’ve gotta say, it was an incredible experience to dance with the africans that were there already. they were very happy to see us, and they were more than willing to show us some of their dance moves! 🙂 it was such an engaging and friendly experience. there was even a man who tried to show me how to slow dance. haha. i later found out that men dance with men often here, but it was a tad awkward for a little bit. we eventually went downstairs and spent the rest of the time dancing, sometimes with the yale students (there were quite a few that weren’t too interested in dancing) and sometimes without them. but overall, we had a great great time. on our way back to the house, we reflected on how incredibly quiet the city was. it’s absolutely unbelievable because it is so stinkin noisy here during the day. noise all over the place! but once everyone goes to bed, that’s it. it was more quiet than i’ve heard delaware on most nights.

as i’ve previously mentioned, we head to malindi tomorrow. i’m excited for the change in pace, and i’m excited to see what the town is like. it is much smaller than mombasa, and we will be able to have some time on the beaches there! the hotel that we are staying at is right by the ocean. and for those of you who are reading and who also know dani, perrie, and addie (the girls that went to india with their TIPIT grant), pray for their safety as they begin their travels back to the US. if you are interested in reading about what they did while they were there in kolkata, check them out at

kwaheri marafiki wangu.



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