Give me a tip and i'll spot a lion!

before i get started, i am sorry to let you know that during our travels in the past 24 hours, my laptop was damaged, so in case i am irregular in my updates, i apologize in advance. i had just bought a wireless internet router which made it easy to keep the blog up to date, but since my laptop is useless now, i have to go to internet cafes. i’ll do my best to continue the adventure here 🙂

so we left early yesterday morning for tanzania. we drove for about three hours and then stopped to get a little bit to eat. so far, so good. we were warned that the rest of the trip (at least until we got into tanzania) was a pretty bumpy ride. i thought i was prepared, but my goodness had i fooled myself. we came to a road that had been paved at one point in time but had been so severely damaged that it had potholes literally covering the surface. the bumps were intense, and my stomach definitely did not appreciate it. after a while we came to a road that appeared smoother, seeing as it didn’t have any pavement at all, but the red clay road that we saw in front of us was just as bumpy, if not even more so. tossing and turning, my stomach was churning, but fortunately i kept all my cookies with me. we eventually made it into tanzania and despite the slow delay to check in with customs and immigration, we arrived in moshi shortly after safe and sound.

but let me rewind just a tad. despite the rough roads on our travels, we were able to see some pretty amazing things. seeing what africa looks like when you go more inland was quite a bit more reflective of what i had expected to see when we came over here. no more coastal, lush areas. no more water, no more fish. we saw beautiful savannas with light bushes decorating the ground, red clay everywhere, and a few trees that jutted up from the lower shrubbery. the scene changed constantly as we trekked into higher elevation areas. the foliage became greener, but the savannas were still there, and they were now accompanied by some phenomenal mountains. we eventually came to see mount kilimanjaro in the distance (it is gigantic!) and we felt that the bumps had been worth the sight of such majesty.

and for the animal lovers, we had the pleasure of seeing a giraffe, an ostrich, a whole bunch of baboons crossing the road, a herd of elephants, a bunch of dik diks (kinda like antelopes), camels, and a certain fox-like animal that i still cannot identify. i felt like i was in the lion king. no joke. it looked just like it! so all in all, we had quite the adventure coming to moshi.

i forget exactly what i had said before about our travels, but we are not going to arusha anymore (we might stop there for just a tiny bit on our way to nairobi) and we are staying here in moshi today and tomorrow, preparing to leave for dar es salaam early saturday morning. our first impressions of tanzania are great! the people here are so so nice, and they speak more proper swahili than the kenyans do, so it is much easier to understand them. that’s nice. and whether it’s because they don’t know too much english, they don’t see many tourists, or they are better off financially, we aren’t continually getting bombarded with people trying to get us to come into their shops or give them money or the like. it’s a great relief to be able to kind of blend in a little bit. we’re having a great time getting to know moshi a little bit better, and being able to see kilimanjaro in the distance is pretty awesome too. it’s quite a bit quieter here, even though the mornings are amazingly loud, and it is also a lot cooler. it almost feels like fall in ohio, and i can’t tell you how refreshing that is.

we’re hoping to make some connections here in moshi so that we can leave with some work being accomplished as we head onto the more intensive part of our trip. we have a lot lined up for us in dar es salaam and nairobi (with a little rest time in zanzibar in between :)) and it is exciting to see what is ahead.

more later.



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