Kenyan referandum and a 'historical moment'
i really don’t have too much to say today. we aren’t doing much. it is incredibly nice to relax for a bit as we prepare for our travels to nairobi on saturday. we’ll head to the beach this afternoon once high tide comes in. and one of the best parts of the italian influence here in malindi is that we are able to eat pizza! and good pizza at that. i know it seems shallow, not eating as much of the local african food as we can before we get back to the states where everything is processed and not fresh, but rice and (insert meat here) gets old after a little while. so pizza it is 🙂

yesterday was a pretty important day for the country of kenya. the people voted on a new referandum that changes the kenyan constitution, even though i don’t know all of the specifics. it has to do with land ownership, dual citizenship, and i’m sure many other issues. it’s actually pretty neat to be here while it is happening because it is a model of their government working in a positive way. there is a lot of corruption here, and so it is cool to see people going out and voting. so far, the referandum is passing with flying colors, which is a good thing for us. there is a potential for unrest if it doesn’t pass, so we’re hoping that everything is smooth (especially in nairobi) as it seems to be right now.

as our trip starts to wind down, we are trying to process through all that we have seen and it all seems like a blur! i think that because we’ve traveled so much everything kind of runs together. before we know it we’ll be on another bus (yippee! ha.) and then eventually on one of those massive airbuses complete with tvs smack dab in front of our faces. it doesn’t seem like it’s been almost 3 weeks. it feels like we’ve been here so so much longer. whether it’s all we’ve done or just the new atmosphere, it seems like we have been here for a few months.

wishing you all well.



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