well, that was horribly entertaining

tonight i arrived home to a house full of people. granted, jeff, kim, and dale isn’t a HUGE amount of people…but seven individuals stuffed into my living room is a decent amount of human in a not so big space. Lots of interesting things were learned tonight, in our little huddle of people. For instance, we learned that i may or may not be negotiating with some Kenyans to sell Kim for some goats. We learned that Jeff loves to giggle. (and apparently watch bus races with ben…whatever THAT means.) Dale rose to the occasion and fulfilled some stereotypes by telling us about how he went to the gun store. (and then proceeded to complain about how expensive arrows were.)

I also learned a very important lesson tonight. Ben is easily terrified. this is incredibly wonderful information for me to have. Not so much for ben.

The story starts with ben in the bathroom and myself and zach in their room. I was talking to zach about something…i honestly don’t remember, and was compelled by the holy spirit to hide in their closet to “scare ben.” which i did to much urging and excitement from zach. so i’m waiting for ben to come into the room, trying to suppress a cough (i’ve been sick), hiding like a gleeful toddler in his closet. he rumbles around for a second or two and then to my great delight starts coming for the closet door.

Now i must tell you that the light has been off the entire time, so my eyes have adjusted, whereas Ben had just come from a lightly bright area. Which means that he had the ocular power of a dead wombat. It’s honestly his fault for not planning for something like this.

So he opens his closet door and i come out waving my arms like a -redacted- and screeching like a -redacted- dinosaur. Ben immediately jumps back with a high pitched squeal that would have set five year old girls at a birthday party to shame, and hugs his knees to his chest. (while standing. i’ve never seen anyone do this before.)

Looking back on it now, i realize that it was a bad thing to do, because it traumatized sweet poor ben, and probably pissed of the Pacheco’s, but it was totally worth it.


About Zach Younkin

I'm currently enrolled at Western Governors University, pursuing my degree in Accounting. I'm hoping that this blog provides you with some encouragement to be what God has promised you. This blog collects dust, which is unfortunate. Keep your eyes open for some sporadic blog posts. I spend more time on Twitter, so go follow me there. @zachyounkin
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